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Adding Coverage

New Employees

The Plan Administrator should have the new hire complete the appropriate application for group coverage.

Once the Plan Administrator provides details on the plan to the employee, the employee has three options:

In order to maintain the participation levels outlined in your contract, The Co-operators recommends that enrolment in the program be a condition of employment. Should employees choose to decline benefits, remember that the participation level requirement cannot be compromised.

During the Waiting Period

  1. Plan Administrator completes Section 1 of the Group Enrolment or Sections 1 and 2 of the Change Form
  2. Employee completes Section 2 to 7 of the Group Enrolment or Sections 3 and 4 of the Change Form
  3. Plan Administrator must review the form to ensure that:
    • All sections are complete
    • The new hire has signed up for the correct benefits
    • The application is signed and dated
  4. The form must be completed and submitted within 31 days of the end of the waiting period. If there is a discrepancy between this time period and the effective date, please attach a memo to the application card outlining the reason.
  5. Mail the original application to The Co-operators at the following address:
    Co-operators Life Insurance Company
    Group Administration Department
    1920 College Ave
    Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 1C4
  6. Plan Administrator retains a file copy

After the Expiration of the Waiting Period - "Late Applicant"

An employee who does not complete and sign a Group Enrolment or Change Form within 31 days from the eligibility date will be considered a late applicant.

An employee who is considered a late applicant must submit the Group Health Evidence Questionnaire to The Co-operators for approval. The Co-operators will then advise the Plan Administrator of the carrier’s decision to grant or deny coverage. Coverage commences only when formal written approval is received from the insurance carrier. Dental coverage will also be restricted in the first year of coverage.

The same procedure for late enrolment of employees applies for late enrolment of dependents. An employee must enrol eligible dependents in the plan within 31 days from the date the dependents became eligible for dependent benefits.

  1. Plan Administrator completes Sections A and F of the Group Enrolment or Change Form within 31 days from the eligibility date will be considered a late applicant.
  2. Employee completes Sections B to E of the Group Enrolment or Change Form
  3. Employee completes a Group Health Evidence Form
  4. Mail the original application and the original health evidence form to The Co-operators
  5. Plan Administrator retains a file copy of each form
  6. Plan Administrator will receive a letter advising of The Co-operators’ decision (approval or declination) or of any additional requirements
  7. Once approved, the new coverage will be added to your premium statement and an Employee Benefits Program handbook should be provided for the employee. Contact Morneau Shepell for a supply of employee handbooks.

For more information contact The Co-operators toll free at 1.888.761.7851 or email

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