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Employee & Family Assistance Program

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

The EFAP benefit provides each covered person with professional assessment or counseling services for personal issues such as emotional distress, death of a loved one, substance abuse, financial difficulties, marriage breakdown or child-management situations.

Professional counseling services will be provided by Morneau Shepell. All contacts are strictly confidential. No personal information given to a counselor by a client will be shared with any other source without written consent of the person in question or unless required by law.

For more information on the EFAP benefit, contact Morneau Shepell at 1-844-880-9142.

Note: The Employee & Family Assistance Program benefit will be available to all employees and their dependents, regardless of whether or not they have Extended Health Coverage.

Note: This summary is intended to provide a brief description of the benefits available under the CHF Canada group insurance program. This material does not create or confer any rights. The exact terms and conditions of your benefits are outlined in the applicable group benefits agreements or policies. Some restrictions and/or limitations may apply to all benefits mentioned above.

Please contact Morneau Shepell for full details.

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